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Are you interested in joining an ebook club or a book club but don’t know how to go about it? Or is it, perhaps, something you have always wanted to do but have never got around to… you haven’t got the time… not enough hours in the day… got to drop of the kids… go to work or do the housework… pick up the kids…. do the washing… cook a meal – and you simply cannot find a couple of hours a month to meet with your friends. Really?

(Oh dear, I can hear all those mothers saying: “Yeah, right – you can tell this was written by a man!”)

And let’s not forget you OAPs (and if you don’t know what that means you are obviously not one of them – yet!). You OAPs have a great opportunity to catch up on some of the reading you might have missed out on over the years. What about it you retired teachers – why not start an ebook club?

On the other hand, maybe you are still working but have recently changed jobs and moved to a new area where you don’t know anyone. Joining an ebook club is a great way to get to know people and quickly become part of your new community.

Why ebooks in preference to paperbacks?

Apart from the initial investment in an ebook reader, the cost of an ebook is a fraction of that of a paperback. You will soon recover the cost of the reader from your savings. And ebooks are much easier to buy - you simply download them from a website.

So how do you go about joining an ebook club?

You can join an existing ebook club…

… by contacting your local library, which may have a list of local book clubs – ebook and/or paperback. If not, it might have a notice board where you can post an invitation – nothing elaborate, just a card – asking interested people in your area to contact you. After all, if they are visiting a library, they must be interested in reading books, right?

Or you can start your own club…

Get a few friends together (and acquaintances – never forget that today’s acquaintances are tomorrow’s best friends)… at a BBQ… a drinks evening… a coffee morning… after church… and ask them if they are interested in joining your ebook club. You will be pleasantly surprised by their response – people are always looking for reasons to meet, chat and get to know more folks; it’s human nature.

Sound out your colleagues at work; some of them may be interested in joining your club.

If you work for a large organisation with a social club, ask its secretary if it will sponsor an ebook club. A social club may even have the purchasing power to buy ebook readers cheaply.

And let’s not forget all you mothers and/or fathers who drop your little treasures off at pre-school, kindergarten or school… why not, just once a month, meet afterwards and chew the cud over coffee, cakes and a good book. Well, why not? (Just don’t overdo the cakes! Preparing them can take too much time and put you, or others, off the idea of an ebook club… biscuits will do… but up to you.)

If you are an OAP living in a retirement village, you can easily start a reading group in your community. What did you say? Your eyesight is fading? Then ebooks are made for you because you can adjust the size of the font to your liking.

Ebook club rules:

Have as few rules as possible – none if you prefer. Here are a few simple ideas.

    Schedule meetings for easily remembered dates and times: e.g the first Tuesday of every month at 10.00am.

    Take turns in hosting the monthly meeting.

    At the end of each meeting, the host/ess for the next meeting should choose the ebook/paperback to be read before, and reviewed at, the next meeting.

    You might consider trying a different genre each month. Here are some book club recommendations to start you off:

    Month 1 – your first choice might be a contemporary mystery such as the five star novel The Oxford Photograph by Tony Thistlewood.

    Month 2 – the choice could be a period drama/ mystery such as Bastards & Baronets by Tony Thistlewood (well it is my website!)

    (You can find out how to buy these books at Buying Books Online.)

    Other genres you might consider are: romance, suspense, thrillers, action and non-fiction.

Nervous about the kind of things you should discuss at an ebook club meeting?

Here are a few book club suggestions to get you started:

    You can discuss the plot: does it make sense; is it plausible; does it have pace (too fast/too slow/just right); did you find it interesting; did it raise issues relevant to your life?

    You can discuss the characters: are they well described; are they sympathetic, confrontational or provocative? Would you recognise the central characters if you were to meet them in the street?

    Can you associate with the lead character? Do you want him/her to succeed?

    Is the setting of the story appropriate and well described? Do you want to go there? Have you ever been there?

    How well is the book presented? Is the print too small? Did the cover design make you want to read the book. Did the blurb/synopsis grab your interest?

    Do you think the book would make a good film/play?

    If you were the casting agent for a film version of the book, which actors would you pick to play the lead characters and why?

The Ebook readers pictured are, from left to right:

Granmata Papyre,

Movistar Ebook bq and

Amazon Kindle.


Be adventurous in your ebook/paperback selections – don’t stick to best sellers by known authors. The number of authors writing good books nowadays is expanding exponentially. And most books are not published by traditional publishing houses these days because they simply cannot cope with the volume.

For example, Pan Mac claims it receives twelve thousand unsolicited manuscripts a year from which it only publishes one or two. It is inconceivable that 11,998 are not worthy of publication. Many of these books are out there among the 7 million books on Amazon waiting to be discovered!

The publishing world is in a state of flux; a revolution is in progress. The advent of print on demand has changed the publishing model from–

write, print and sell


write, sell and print.

This simple change in order has eliminated the risks associated with holding large stocks of books. Unfortunately, some of the large publishing houses are being left behind in this revolution and, sadly, many bookstores have closed.

Please use the "Contact Me" button below if you have any queries, comments or suggestions.

Good luck with your ebook club and enjoy your ebooks!

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