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From main page May 2018

Please Note!

I have revised/updated some of my books and changed the titles and/or covers of them. Unfortunately, this has confused Amazon who cannot apparently withdraw the old versions from their listings. I just thought that you should know!

The changes are:

1.When the time is ripe is now called

Caistor Parsons: The Gingerbread Man.

The plot is unchanged.

2. Bastards & Baronets is now called:

The Little Tin Box

The plot is unchanged, however, this book is based on my first novel Consequences! however, the ending  is completely different.

3. Stealing Tomorrow's Thunder

Only the cover of this book has been changed

Update 16th May 2017

The Little Tin box is now available on Amazon for $12.99!!!

I think it is time I explained what I have been doing with my books before my reader gets totally confused!

My first novel, Consequences, was written over 16 years ago. The original, rather ambitious, story spanned 150 years. I rewrote it and gave it a completely different ending so that it is now faster paced and only spans three years. I also gave it a new title; Bastards and Baronets. However, I was unhappy with the title and the cover, and so I have now renamed the book The Little Tin Box. This will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and bookstores by the end of May (2017).

Incidentally, Consequences is out of print although I believe there is one copy still available on Amazon for $500!!! I’m flattered!

My second novel was set in 16th century England with the title When the Time is Ripe. I have performed some minor editing in the second edition and given it a new cover and name: Caistor Parsons – The Gingerbread Man.

Likewise, Stealing Tomorrow’s Thunder has been given a similar facelift.

My other books, The Oxford Photograph (contemporary fiction) and Kings and Queens (non-fiction) are unchanged (so far!)

This News/Blog page will keep you up to date on what's happening on my website.

Some of the things I will be covering include:

  • Upcoming Tony Thistlewood novels
  • Free short stories that will be released and only available on this website - well that was the idea but I am afraid time is against me on this one at the moment - don't hold your breath!
  • Latest thoughts, feedback and book reviews from visitors
  • Surveys asking which actors you think should play the lead characters in my books and screenplays

To receive these updates simply right-click on the orange RSS button (left) and then paste the URL into an RSS reader of your choice. If you don't know what RSS and blogging are all about that's okay, just click on the '?' link to find out!


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Tony Thistlewood's books ....

Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite

(5 Stars)

"... a beautifully written story with strong psychological underpinnings"

Demeter's Dream 
Reviewed by Ankita Shukla for Readers' Favorite 
(5 stars)

"Demeter's Dream is ... a rare combination of mythology and politics ..."

Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite
(5 stars)

 " ... a great story ... Thistlewood is a master at weaving all the elements of a tale into  one coherent, intelligent masterpiece."

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Reviewed by  Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite       (5 stars)

"... a work of great talent and imagination ..." 
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"... a dense, absorbing tale ... bursting with subplots and theories ..." -  Kirkus Reviews

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 ... a tale full of twists and turns that will leave the reader surprised ... ( Christine Nguyen for Readers' Favorites )

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Non-fiction: the Kings & Queens of England and how they got there. 

Reviewed by  Melissa Tanaka for Readers' Favorite (5 stars)

" ... a wonderful primer ... incredibly well organized and well written ...
" ... comfortable and interesting read for all ages… ”

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C aistor Parsons The Gingerbread Man

... a brilliantly written, edited and formatted work… Wow! Recommended for all lovers of historical fiction ...
(Reviewed by Alice D. for Readers' Favorites)

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Stealing Tomorrow's Thunder

(Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorites)

… An immensely entertaining and enlightening mystery story… the real deal… Fans of literary mysteries will enjoy the fruits of Thistlewood's research into Shakespeare…

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… Descriptive writing was amazingly good… I enjoyed it immensely - DGM, Cardiff, UK

… I can not put it down… will need to take it to the hairdresser with me. - JM, NSW, Australia

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