Nicknames of Kings and Queens

Nicknames of some of the Kings & Queens of England from 1066

House of Normandy:

William I – the Bastard, the Conqueror
William II – Rufus (the red)
Henry I – Beauclerc or Beauclerk, Lion of Justice

House of Anjou:

Henry II – Curtmantle (short cloak), Lion of Justice and Fitzempress (inferring that Henry was the illegitimate son of Empress Matilda)
Edward I – Longshanks (long legs), The Hammer of the Scots
John – Lackland (without land -  because he lost Anjou to the French), Soft-Sword.
Richard I – the Lionheart.

House of Plantagenet:

Henry IV – Bolingbroke (Henry was born in Bolingbroke Castle, Lincolnshire)
Richard III – Crookback (Like Robert Cecil, Richard suffered from scoliosis or curvature of the spine)

House of Tudor:

Henry VIII – Old Coppernose.
Cardinal Thomas Wolsey reduced the amount of gold and silver in coins to save money. Over time, the metal of the raised areas of a coin, including Henry’s nose, wore off exposing the copper colour beneath.
Mary I – Bloody Mary
Mary had nearly 300 Protestants executed for their alleged part in the attempt to put Lady Jane Grey on throne instead of her.
Elizabeth I – Gloriana, the Virgin Queen, Good Queen Bess
Jane (Lady Jane Grey) – the Nine Days Queen.

House of Stuart:

James I/VI – the Vain, the Wisest Fool in Christendom
Charles I – the Martyr
Charles II – the Merry

House of Orange:

William IV – the Sailor King

House of Hanover:

George III – the Farmer or Farmer George
George IV – the Prince of Whales
Victoria – Mrs Brown

House of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha

Edward VII – the Uncle of Europe


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