English Premier League
2018-19 Season

An analysis of English Premier League results

In the following charts,  a goal difference of (say) (2) represents a score of  0-2 or 1-3 or 2-4 etc, while a difference of 0 represents a draw whatever the score. The Entertainment Score algorithm is based on how well possession is used, shots at goal and goals scored.

Please note that in response to popular request, I have reverted to the original format because it better indicates the teams that have under or over performed. 

The Entertainment scores are graded as follows:

  • IB = Incredibly boring - fans pay good money to watch this! 
  • PB = Possibly Boring - must do better                              
  • E = Entertaining - keep it up;                             
  • G! = Great game - well done, this is what we want!

Potential goal differences - Weeks 18 & 19

Results Week 17

Results Week 16

Results - Week 15

Results - Week 14

Results - Week 13

Results - Week 12

Results – Week 11

Results – Week 10

Results – Week 9

Results – Week 8

Results – Week 7

Results - Week 6

There were a lot of under-performers in Week 6: Bournemouth had 63% possession yet lost 4 zip! Man Utd with 64% possession and at home  could only draw. And Chelsea, with 72% of the ball, couldn't squeeze one goal at West Ham.

On the other hand, Man City kept the ball for 79% of the game and hammered 5 passed Cardiff. But it was too one-sided to score more than the lower end of "E" for entertainment .

Results Week 5

Results Week 4

Results - Week 3

Results - Week 2

Results - Week I 

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