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My ebooks and paperbacks are all available (see ‘Books Online’ below) through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the other usual suspects. In most cases, you should be able to order them at your local bookstore.

On this website, you can discover all about my 5-star mystery novels and a non-fiction book of the Kings & Queens of England, all of which are available in both paperback and Kindle book versions. Use the book links below or in the first or third columns.

You can also read plot summaries, reviews, and sometimes, free excerpts. They also include details of the many historical characters featured in some books. Use the links on the first column to find them.

Books by Tony Thistlewood

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Uncle Klaus

Operation Simple Simon

Demeter’s Dream

The Oxford Photograph

Stealing Tomorrow’s Thunder

 The Little Tin Box

Caistor Parsons: The Gingerbread Man


Kings & Queens of England

…and how they got there…

All the above books are available in both paperback and ebook versions.


Soccer Corner

Sorry, but there will be no EPL analysis this season 2019/20.

I began writing novels and screenplays when I retired from... well, I don't like to think of it as retiring, I believe that I simply changed course. But you can read more about my background on the About me page.

Paperback, ebook - Kindle or Nook?

This is the burning literary question of the day, isn't it?

Perhaps you are like me and enjoy browsing the shelves of the local bookstore? There is nothing quite like the feel, the smell and the look of a new book, is there? And the anticipation of finding something new is exciting... a new writer... a different genre... a historical novel... a spine tingling thriller... an intriguing mystery... a tear jerking romance...

But, sadly, bookstores are closing at an alarming rate, while ebooks are rapidly becoming the new paperbacks.

The reason for the demise of the small, and some large, bookstores is obvious... books for sale online are cheaper... usually much cheaper...

... and an ebook reader makes a great Christmas present or birthday gift... especially if pre-loaded with one of my books!

ebooks online

Ebook Clubs please note!

You can buy my Paperback and Amazon Kindle books from the Amazon store website in your own country.

This not only eliminates exchange rate problems but also makes the delivery of paperbacks easier, quicker and cheaper.

Simply click on the links below:



United Kingdom







...ask you local Barnes & Noble or any other book store to order it for you. You will need the ISBN for this, which is on the information page for each book - click on the image of the relevant book on the right or the name below.


Keep up to date with new release novels, short stories, books for sale online and more, all on this website.

Contemporary mystery - The Oxford Photograph

...a powerful blend of thriller, investigation, and mystery; a work of great talent and imagination...

Period romance/mystery - The Little Tin Box

A fabulous book full of suspense and intrigue… Very clever plot… 

Mystery Novels - Stealing Tomorrow's Thunder

Love mystery novels? Then read more about Stealing Tomorrow's Thunder, a contemporary mystery, and get a sneak peek with a free excerpt from the book for you to download.

Historical Novels - Caistor Parsons

Read more about When the Time Is Ripe, which is a historical novel. This story is set in London and Lincolnshire. You can have a sneak peek of this book by downloading the free excerpt.

Historical Characters

Learn more about the 16th century historical characters that feature in Tony Thistlewood's novels.

Download Books Online

In download books online you can purchase paperback versions and download ebooks online from various online suppliers of Tony Thistlewood's novels.

Ebooks for Download and Ebook Readers Explained

Are you new to the technology of ebooks for download and handheld eReaders? Let me explain the benefits of these products and show you how simple they are to use.

Ebook Clubs

Ebooks are ideal for ebook clubs. Why not start your own ebook of the month club?

Contact Me - New British Novels and Screenplays by Tony Thistlewood

You can contact me, Tony Thistlewood, author of new British novels and screenplays using the easy form on this page.

British authors - About Me

British authors - learn more about me, Tony Thistlewood, and why I write British novels.

Comments on
Tony Thistlewood's books ....

Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite

(5 Stars)

"... a beautifully written story with strong psychological underpinnings"

Demeter's Dream 
Reviewed by Ankita Shukla for Readers' Favorite 
(5 stars)

"Demeter's Dream is ... a rare combination of mythology and politics ..."

Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite
(5 stars)

 " ... a great story ... Thistlewood is a master at weaving all the elements of a tale into  one coherent, intelligent masterpiece."

Click on image for details

Reviewed by  Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite       (5 stars)

"... a work of great talent and imagination ..." 
Read Romuald's full review here

"... a dense, absorbing tale ... bursting with subplots and theories ..." -  Kirkus Reviews

Click on image for details

 ... a tale full of twists and turns that will leave the reader surprised ... ( Christine Nguyen for Readers' Favorites )

Click image for more details

Non-fiction: the Kings & Queens of England and how they got there. 

Reviewed by  Melissa Tanaka for Readers' Favorite (5 stars)

" ... a wonderful primer ... incredibly well organized and well written ...
" ... comfortable and interesting read for all ages… ”

Read Melissa's full review here

C aistor Parsons The Gingerbread Man

... a brilliantly written, edited and formatted work… Wow! Recommended for all lovers of historical fiction ...
(Reviewed by Alice D. for Readers' Favorites)

Click on image for details and reviews

Stealing Tomorrow's Thunder

(Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorites)

… An immensely entertaining and enlightening mystery story… the real deal… Fans of literary mysteries will enjoy the fruits of Thistlewood's research into Shakespeare…

Click here to see the full review.

… Descriptive writing was amazingly good… I enjoyed it immensely - DGM, Cardiff, UK

… I can not put it down… will need to take it to the hairdresser with me. - JM, NSW, Australia

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